A Wrinkle in the Mind

“A suspense-filled, gritty thriller packed full of twists and turns.” - A Wishing Shelf Book Review 

When Violet Cruz accused U.S. Representative Alan Barclay of being “the spawn of a Martian whore” and took a shot at him, everyone agreed that she was delusional. It was just another conspiracy theory in Washington, DC, where such bizarre claims had become all too common.

Tiring of the media harassing the family, however, Cruz’s cousin brought the case to Private Investigator Rebecca Marte. She figured that the public was probably right. Rebecca was, however, willing to give the case another look as Cruz’s sudden, total break from reality without any apparent cause was almost as strange as her beliefs.

Soon, the question Rebecca faces is conspiracy theory or a brilliant smokescreen for political assassination? Long before she has the answer, however, she’s going to have to bet the life of one of her best friends on the little she knows and all that she suspects.

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Editorial Reviews

I have enjoyed several thrillers by this author involving PI Rebecca Marte and Sam ´Doc´ Price and, I must say, I always enjoy them. Generally, they are fast-paced and populated with interesting, often even chiasmatic, characters. The plots twist, turn, and keep me turning the page, and there´s always a killer ending.

I´m delighted to report that Perrin´s latest offering, A Wrinkle in the Mind, is just as good as the rest of the Mind Sleuth set of books. In this story, Rebecca is asked to investigate an incident where a woman attempts to shoot US Representative Alan Barclay. What´s particularly interesting/odd/crazy about the shooting is the woman´s words: You must find it hard to represent the folks back home being the spawn of a Martian whore!

What follows is a pacey thriller, packed full of twists and turns – and there’s plenty happening here to keep any mystery/thriller fan turning the page. The author works particularly hard with his two central characters, Rebecca and Doc. In this story, when they try to work together, it´s not very successful. This adds to the suspense of the story as divided they are no match for the enemy they face.

To sum up, I would recommend this novel to anybody who enjoys political thrillers. This is a ´stand alone´ novel but I´d still recommend reading them in order. Why not? You´ll have a blast!

A ‘Wishing Shelf’ Book Review


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