In the Mind of a Spy

Creative imagination and conspiratorial delusion collide when Jesse Bolger tries to help his friend unravel the mystery of two rogue Russian spies.

When Jesse Bolger ran into an old acquaintance from his high school days, Robert Gleason, he wondered if the man still had an imagination that was unencumbered by reality. His question was answered in the affirmative that evening. After insisting they talk inside his homemade, electronically shielded room so no one could listen to their thoughts—no tinfoil hat was good enough for Robert—he confided that he’d stumbled onto two KGB-era Russian spies intent on destroying the United States. And he wanted Jesse’s help to stop them.

Jesse was certain, of course, that it was just a hoax, but he played along. It didn’t prove to be one of his better decisions, however, as the next thing he knew, he was being detained by the FBI under suspicion that he was a double agent. And where was Robert Gleason, the man who had started this whole fiasco, the unemployed eccentric who lived in his grandmother’s basement in a retirement community while he was learning to talk to self-aware computers? He was nowhere to be found.

Knowing he was out of his league to investigate a missing persons case, Jesse hired private investigator Rebecca Marte, hoping she could unravel a case that one minute looked like a spy spoof and the next, a terrorist plot that would plunge the United States into financial chaos.

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Editorial Reviews

An accessibly written spy story packed full of thrills and spills.

Firstly, love the title – very ‘James Bond’; as is the cover for that matter. So, if the author/publisher is looking to attract the ‘Bond crowd’, it’s off to a flying start.

Now, to the story. Jesse bumps into an old pal from school, Robert, who’s acting a bit, well, odd. He wants to meet him ‘privately’, and Jesse, being Jesse, plays along. It seems Robert’s discovered a KGB spy ring intent on destroying the US. From there, things sort of spiral out of control, and Jesse ends up being charged by the FBI for being a double agent. Framed, he contacts the only person who can help him - Private Investigator, Rebecca Marte.

All in all, I very much enjoyed this smartly plotted spy thriller. I know it’s the seventh novel of a set, but, even though I have never read the other six, I never had a problem following the story or understanding the characters and what made them tick.

So, if you happen to be looking for a book for a long flight to Deli, then In the Mind of a Spy might help you to while away the hours. It’s not in any way difficult to follow, and you’ll happily root for Rebecca and Jesse to find justice and discover who’s behind the sinister plot. Good fun!

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