From the Mind of a Witch

When ex-FBI agent Rebecca Marte considered the possible challenges of her new career as a private investigator, she never thought one of them would be to investigate a witch charged with killing a man during a coven ritual. The job should be easy as six icons of the St. Louis business community, the rest of the coven, had seen their High Priestess, Della Bergeron, standing over the body, covered in blood, declaring she’d kept her promise to be with him to the end.

Unfortunately, Rebecca’s client wanted the witch cleared. Then, the difficult case became nearly impossible when Bergeron offered her defense. She was innocent by reason of possession.

After eliminating every method to coerce another that she understood—death threats to self or family, relentless emotional abuse, reality-altering drugs—Rebecca found herself wondering what dark demons might lay hidden in the witch’s mind that took control. Thrust into that uncharted territory, she sought to involve her psychologist friend, Dr. Sam “Doc” Price, both to help her with the case and him with a losing battle to find his kidnapped fiancée.

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Editorial Reviews

Once an FBI agent, Rebecca Marte has now become a PI. Her first job is the unusual case of a witch charged with killing a man during a coven ritual...seemingly cut-and-dried, because a group of people witnessed the murder. Or, did they?

In From the Mind of a Witch, Rebecca's client wants her to clear the name of the High Priestess, Della Bergeron. It sounds like an impossible task, given the circumstances. But as Rebecca delves deeper into the coven, its politics, and special interests, she comes to realize that her client's unusual defense of being possessed may be only one piece of an evolving puzzle. Rebecca finds herself increasingly drawn into a deadly supernatural game.

Is Della an untouchable pagan leader, a shrewd businesswoman, or something more?

Bruce M. Perrin weaves a murder investigation into a story replete with supernatural forces, special business interests, and the progressive foray into danger as a savvy PI finds herself operating in a milieu where she is over her head. These devices contribute to a thoroughly engrossing story.

To add to the already considerable suspense, Perrin adds a life-and-death struggle as an extended side-story. Faced with her nearly impossible task, Rebecca turns to an old friend, psychologist Sam “Doc” Price to help her bridge the gap between the supernatural and a reality she can embrace. He, however, has become fixated, perhaps dangerously so, with the hunt for his kidnapped fiancée as she fights for her life. Can he break free of his obsession even for a moment to help? Should he?

The blend of PI investigation, supernatural influences, and psychological probe is especially inviting because the characters are so solidly represented and nicely drawn, with the mystery ever-changing.

As lies and murderous hatred escalate into confrontations, Rebecca walks a fine line between psychological understanding and supernatural revelations. Her story is filled with satisfying twists and turns, and is certain to delight those who like supernatural influences cemented with murder mystery intrigue.

Diane Donovan
Editor, California Bookwatch
Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

A twisting, turning thriller populated by unique and captivating characters.

In this cleverly-crafted thriller, the characters jump of the page, the plot twists and turns and was constantly surprising me, and the writing style, although simple, was perfect for the genre.

From the opening - and very compelling - first chapter, this is a gripping story. The plot is cleverly constructed, the setting and characters are imaginatively described, and the pacing, for the most part, is spot on. I really enjoyed the ‘witch’ angle which I thought was original and brought much to a saturated genre. In fact, I suspect many readers will want to have a go at this novel simply because of the originality of the suspected killer. I must also add how very much I liked the protagonist; she's tough, smart, but a little vulnerable too, and she's fun to follow as she attempts to get to the bottom of the crime.

So, who will enjoy this book? To be honest, pretty much everybody. Lovers of a good thriller will find lots in here to drool over. For me, the best part was the plot.

A Wishing Shelf Review

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