Of Half a Mind

2019 B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree

2018 Wishing Shelf Book Awards Finalist

When you talk to yourself, there’s only one voice. When you look at something in your mind’s eye, there’s but one image.

Psychologist Sam “Doc” Price and his colleagues had always held those principles to be true … at least under normal circumstances. But as they studied the work of a brilliant but troubled neuroscientist, they discovered a device that created a reality that was anything but normal. And when they had unraveled its mysteries, the only question that remained was, could they survive the brutal truth?

This book is a comprehensive rewrite of a story first published by the author as Half A Mind in 2015.

Editorial Reviews

Of Half a Mind is "...part thriller, part mystery and part examination at what science should and should not do.  Fascinating stuff.  I thought the mystery element was strong, and the ending excellent. On closing my computer, I knew I would be happy to open another of this author's books."  A'Wishing Shelf' Book Review

"Of Half a Mind is a fresh, original take on psychological horror.  The plot twists and turns feel real and believable."  The BookLife Prize

"The reader will get a good thrilling yarn and, perhaps, learn something about the human mind in the process. Lovers of psycho-thrillers, techno-thrillers and mysteries should love it."  Midwest Book Review

"One of the most intricate, unique, creative plots I've ever read."  "The characters are well drawn especially Doc, Nicole and Sue and not knowing who the Experimenter was kept me on the edge of my seat."  indieBRAG Team Reader


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