Sunday, January 10, 2016

Back in the Non-Amazon World

After 90 days of experiencing the full weight of the Amazon marketing machine behind the eBook version of Half A Mind (i.e., being enrolled in the Kindle Direct Publishing Select program), I have returned to my first book to the webpages of Barnes & Noble and Kobo.  (Actually, as of this writing, it is still in the review cycle for Kobo, but should be posted very soon.)

It was not that I had any concerns about Amazon – no, it was great.  Its eBook publishing procedure is the best.  It seems that I always need to fiddle a bit with the Nook and Kobo versions to get them right, while the Kindle variant works immediately.  When I was in KDL Select, I also tried an Amazon marketing campaign.  In general, it returned almost exactly the same as I spent.  That doesn’t sound like much, but then, it doesn’t seem bad to me for a completely unknown indie author.  Of course, I would hate to have to live on that revenue flow – zero income doesn’t even support a ramen noodles diet...

So, I’m back in the bigger eBook world now because, somehow, I seem to have accumulated several friends who are Nook devotees.  What can I say, I have all kinds of friends.  I might even have a few that read from paper - shudder!

Happy writing,

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