Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Cover Reveal – Retroscape of a Future Mind

I have been remiss in revealing the cover for my next book, Retroscape of a Future Mind, and at the same time, showcasing the artistic talents of my daughter, Courtney.  (Be thankful that I’m not creating my own covers!).

I’ve actually had this cover for some time, and even have it displayed as a link to its book page on this blog, but none of that information goes out to my email distribution or on my feeds to Google+, Amazon, or Goodreads.  So for the rest of my reading audience, the cover and my working synopsis for the next volume in the Mind Sleuth Series.

Happy writing,
Looking back from 2065, the dystopian futurists were exactly right...and completely wrong

In 2065 St. Louis, Missouri, Dr. Sam “Doc” Price’s life-long friend, Rick Johnston, is found dead.  But nothing about his death makes sense to Doc.  And when the authorities decline to investigate, due to the lack of evidence of foul play, he starts to recreate a landscape of their past lives, a retroscape, looking for watersheds that might explain such a needlessly violent and lonely death in a world where such actions are unimaginable.  As he reconstructions their friendship in his mind, Doc recounts a threatened pandemic that killed almost no one, but nonetheless, left the world permanently disfigured.  He recalls when humans started turning to robots for acceptance, companionship, and yes, even love.  He remembers the constant push and pull of technology, making human lives more convenient, easier, but perhaps, not better.  And in the end, Doc discovers a single phrase, uttered only twice, that leads to the realization that now, 100 years after their initial predictions, the dystopian futurists had been exactly right...and completely wrong.

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