Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Book Review: Silent Waters by Jan Coffey

Action-filled Military Thriller with a Touch of Romance

Silent Waters is the story of Commander Darius McCann and Ship Superintendent Amy Russell as they try to free the nuclear submarine USS Hartford from the hands of hijackers.  The bad guys are apparently intent on targeting New York City with its deadly weapons.  On shore, NCIS Investigators Lieutenant Sarah Connelly and Commander Bruce Dunn work the clues, investigating who is behind this contemptible plot and why.  Although it’s a somewhat typical military thriller, it gets high marks on action and a cozy romance in the back story.

Silent Waters is filled with action, as the protagonists onboard the sub have their hands full battling the hijackers against formidable odds.  And when the story shifts to land, the action doesn’t stop; it simply transitions to car chases and gunfights.  What you won’t find in this book, however, is much suspense.  It’s fairly clear to the reader what’s happening, almost to the point of wondering why the NCIS investigators don’t see it.  But then, few would want to entertain this possibility in real life without some pretty overwhelming evidence.

There is one backstory romance and a second possibility, adding a bit of a respite from the action.  It also helps to develop the characters, making each of the four principals a bit more real – a detail that doesn’t get covered in every thriller.

So, if you’re seeking intense suspense and clever twists as part of your military thriller, this is probably not your book.  But if you like action-filled stories with a touch of romance, and especially if you enjoy sub stories as I do, Silent Waters is a recommended read.

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