Thursday, October 11, 2018

Feed Your eBook Reader ...

With these free or 99-cent mysteries/thrillers.

Start Date: NOWEnd Date: 10-31-2018

Killer in the Retroscape: A Near-Future Mystery

By Bruce Perrin
Usual Price: 3.99 Sale: FREE
For years, we’ve been worried that machines will take over the world. But in 2068 when Doug Michaels builds his mental landscape of the past, his retroscape, to understand his friend’s death, he wishes it was as simple as an evil AI. (Advance Review Copy)

Start Date: NOWEnd Date: 11-18-2018

Love Under Fire

By Margaret A. Daly
Usual Price: 3.99 Sale: .99
WHEN LOVE SPARKS DANGER, GET READY FOR AN EXPLOSION! Twenty-one Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and other bestselling authors bring you a heart-pounding collection of 21 BRAND NEW, NEVER-BEFORE PUBLISHED stories all in one romantic suspense set!

Start Date: 10-12-2018End Date: 10-22-2018

Filigrees, Fortunes and Foul Play (Paper Crafts Club Mystery Book 1)

By Emily Selby
Usual Price: 2.99 Sale: .99
A woman stabbed with a paper craft tool, an empty house, a quirky British town full of suspects - whodunnit? Did local paper artist craft a murder? When one of her housecleaning clients turns up dead, the paper crafting tool found embedded in the woman's neck points straight to Katie. Life was busy enough when she was juggling single motherhood, part time jobs, and her passion for crafting. Now Katie's been accused of murder. Katie has her own ideas about who the real murderer is, but the inspector leading the investigation isn't interested in his prime suspect's hunches. If she wants to find the real killer before another victim drops dead, Katie will have to dig up some actual evidence. Don't miss the first book in the new cozy mystery series: The Paper Crafts Club Mystery – buy it now!

Start Date: NOWEnd Date: 11-20-2018

Lost Angels

By Tatenda Creed
Usual Price: Pre-Release Sale: FREE
Prepare to be addicted... Grab, Lost Angels, first in the Supernatural & Paranormal Romance series, The Lost Archangels. Begin a journey of passion and a love like no other. Supernatural collides with Mortal instruments and Vampire Diaries.

Start Date: NOWEnd Date: 10-23-2018

DEMONSPELL, or Curse of the Everlasting Relatives

By Phoebe Matthews
Usual Price: 2.99 Sale: .99
Along with a big house and income, Elaine inherits five immortal relatives who need constant attention. Try keeping a husband with that set of in-laws. Now, just when she meets a new guy, a band of demons demand she leave Seattle, alive or dead.

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