Thursday, March 14, 2019

Garrison Keillor once said ...

"March is the month God created to show people who don't drink what a hangover is like."

I can't change the weather, but with these limited time, Kindle Countdown deals on puzzling mysteries and edge-of-your-seat thrillers, maybe you won't notice.

Start Date: NOW  End Date: 3/18
Of Half a Mind
By Bruce M. Perrin
Techno-thriller, Suspense
Usual Price: 2.99  Sale: 0.99

When a young psychologist uncovers the dark side of a brilliant neuroscientist's radical research, will he survive the brutal truth?

"Top-notch technothriller"
"... an intriguing, compelling story that gave me goosebumps!"
"… a fresh, original take on psychological horror."

And now, a 2018 Wishing Shelf Book Award Finalist! 

UK (99p):

Start Date: NOW  End Date: 3/17
Murder at Bray Manor: a cozy historical mystery (A Ginger Gold Mystery Book 3)
By Lee Strauss
Historical Mystery
Usual Price: 4.99  Sale: 0.99

Ginger Gold receives a letter from her sister-in-law, Felicia, requesting she come straightaway to her late husband's family home, Bray Manor. Dowager Lady Gold, Ginger's nervous grandmother through marriage, believes the old manor is haunted.

Bray Manor hosts a dance to raise money for maimed soldiers who struggle with peacetime after the Great War. Felicia invites her flapper friends and her new beau, Captain Smithwick, a man Ginger has met before and definitely doesn't like.  When the dance ends with the discovery of a body, Feicia is certain a poltergeist is to blame, but Ginger is quite sure the murderer is made of flesh and blood.

NOTE:  Several other books in this series are also on sale, so check the links from this page if you're interested.

NOTE the date on this next deal and mark your calendar!
Start Date: 3/27  End Date: 3/31
By Laurel Heidtman
Usual Price: 3.99  Sale: 0.99

Mark Fuller's world is falling apart. His marriage is on the rocks and his insurance business is on life support. To top it off, he's agreed to spend Easter weekend in a remote lake house with his overbearing business partner and his partner's alcoholic wife.

Mark thinks his life can't get any worse, but when a freak spring storm brings nearly two feet of snow, the power goes, and two escaped federal prisoners show up on their doorstep, he realizes it's not only the weather that can kill!

Start Date: NOW  End Date: 3/19
Finding Justice (A Rescue Alaska Mystery Book 1)
By Kathi Daley
Psychic Mystery
Usual Price: 4.99  Sale: 0.99

Rescue Alaska is a series by USA Today Bestselling Author Kathi Daley. It is a warm yet fast moving mystery series with a light paranormal twist.

In this first book in the series, a longtime local, Tim Maverick, sends his old friend, Harley Medford, a letter with a photo stating that if he should turn up dead at some point in the near future, the man in the photo is the one who killed him. When Tim is found dead only two weeks later, Harley comes to Rescue to find the man he is convinced killed Tim. He hears that Harmony has a reputation for finding people so he enlists her help. The journey to find the truth behind Tim's untimely death, will take Harmony on a journey of discovery she never saw coming.

Start Date: NOW  End Date: 3/17
My Wicked Valentine (Paranormal in Manhattan Mystery: A Cozy Mystery Book 18)
By Lotta Smith
Vampire Mystery
Usual Price: 2.99  Sale: 0.99

When Rick’s old friend, up-and-coming celeb psychic Brian Powers is accused of murdering an esthetician at a luxe gentlemen-only spa, Mandy’s cozy afternoon at home goes from cookie-baking to crime solving.

With baby Sophie and ghost-pal Jackie in tow, Mandy and Rick take to haunting the spa where the facials are fab and the intrigue is high-end.  Every suspect has a secret, but who’s willing to kill to keep theirs under wraps? [Seaweed wraps, that is.] Find out in this dangerously funny installment of the Manhattan Mystery series.

Start Date: NOW  End Date: 3/17
The 24th Letter (Sean O'Brien Book 2)
By Tom Lowe
Usual Price: 2.99  Sale: 0.99

A priest hears the confession of a frightened prison inmate, and he learns that a man facing lethal injection in 84 hours is innocent. The lead investigator on the high-profile case was his old friend Sean O’Brien. And now O'Brien has a chance to right a horrible wrong. But he has less than 84 hours to uncover clues to a crime that sent an innocent man to death row.

Evidence may not lie, but evil does, and when the original killer comes out of his lair, O'Brien is in a race to save two lives - the man on death row and his own.

Start Date: NOW  End Date: 3/18
SHE: A gripping serial killer detective thriller (Detective Inspector Munro murder mysteries Book 1)
By Pete Brassett
Detective Mystery
Usual Price: 2.99  Sale: 0.99

Detective Inspector Munro is a burly Scottish policeman who doesn’t suffer fools gladly. Detective Sergeant West is an intelligent young woman, new to the force, with a lot to prove.  When a missing person case lands on their desks, Munro is skeptical there is much to it. But their investigation soon comes to some strange findings, and before long, a body is found.

With a serial killer on their hands they must act fast to trace a woman placed at the scene of the crime. Yet discovering her true identity, let alone finding her, proves difficult. And as the plot thickens they realize the crime is far graver than either of them could have imagined.

Start Date: NOW  End Date: 3/18
A Fractured Winter: an addictive psychological suspense
By Alison Baillie
Women's Detective Fiction
Usual Price: 2.99  Sale: 0.99

From the outside, Olivia seems to lead an idyllic existence with her husband and children. But when she starts receiving notes, she knows her perfect life is under threat.

She thought she’d managed to put the past behind her, but someone seems determined to reveal her secret.  Meanwhile, girls are vanishing in the area and Olivia fears for her family’s safety.  Has someone discovered the real reason she left Scotland all those years ago?

When someone is out to get you, is there anywhere you can hide?

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