Monday, June 10, 2019

Four Headlines from the Second Quarter of 2019

1.  You Know What They Say about 'Assume'

Well, I did.  I assumed AXP would let everyone know the winners of their giveaway.  So, it came as a shock when a reader emailed me to ask if she had won.  Ouch!

To correct that situation, here are the winners of my book from the AXP Kindle Unlimited Giveaway back in May.  The grand prize winners who received all 35-40 eBooks in the KU program were Konnie K. and Hannah T.  And the winner of my book, Of Half a Mind, was Frank M.  Congrats if you won.  If not, stay tuned; there will be other opportunities.

2.  Some Awards Programs Are More Dramatic than Others

And the Eric Hoffer Book Awards has taken drama to a whole new level.  

First, they had the finalists.  And then, the "short list".  And finally, the winners.  But I'm not complaining because Killer in the Retroscape ( made it all the way, taking third place in the eBook - Fiction category.  

And if you want to check out the two books that beat me:
The Seven Gifts by The Sailor:
Sins of the Fathers by Joseph Badal:

I have to admit that the second one fascinated me enough to buy it, so watch for my review when it comes up in my TBR list.

3.  Mind in Chains Is Coming Along

The third book in the Mind Sleuth series is a medical thriller, Mind in Chains.  Currently, a complete draft is with my editor and my cover artist is hard at work (notice how well I delegate!).  I've add a tab for the book on the home page of the blog that includes a countdown timer and the synopsis.

Watch for requests for potential reviewers for the free Advance Reader Copy (ARC) around October 1 and the book release around November 1.  And if you want a sample now, the tab also includes the draft of the first four chapters.  Comments are always appreciated!

4.  What A Spring It's Been in the Midwest

While it's not writing news, it's certainly been in the news - flooding on the Missouri and Mississippi rivers.  And since biking is my second favorite pastime, I've taken note.

Here's a shot from the Katy Trail, a 237-mile (386 km) converted, railroad trail that starts near St. Louis and runs across most of the state.  Maybe by July I'll be out on it again.

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