Sunday, December 27, 2020

Blog Passes 50,000 Visits in 2020

Just a note of thanks to everyone who’s dropped by to visit … 52,000 plus times since July of 2015.

Like most businesses in 2020, my writing went even more virtual and curious readers followed as the blog had nearly 17,000 visits during the year. If the blog had that rate since the beginning, I’d be writing about passing 90,000 hits!

And as in past years, book reviews were among the most popular in 2020, with five of the top ten posts falling in that category. The most visited one was my review of Murder on Cold Street by Sherry Thomas in July. The book wasn’t released until October and since then, it has accumulated a 4.6-star average on nearly 600 reviews on Amazon ( I’m sure my review was the primary reason for its success 😉.

Most of the other, most-visited posts in 2020 covered several topics, which makes inferring the reason difficult, but number ten was the announcement that Killer in the Retroscape would soon be available as an audiobook. It’s out now at Audible and Amazon (

So, keep coming back and I’ll keep reviewing books and writing my own. And soon (perhaps February) you’ll see a second of my books out in audio. Maybe you can guess which?

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