Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Get the Mind Sleuth Series for Less than 50 Cents a Book!

Now until December 9, you can get the (currently) four-book Mind Sleuth series for only $1.99. That's four books all rated 4.3 stars or higher on Amazon.

Of Half a Mind (book 1) is FREE. 

When a young psychologist uncovers the dark side of a brilliant neuroscientist's radical research, will he survive the brutal truth?


The boxset of books 2 - 4 is $1.99.

  2. Mind in the Clouds:  A Suspenseful Whodunit, Where Not All the Suspects Are Human

  3. Mind in ChainsA Clash of Beliefs Plunge Doc and Nicole into a World of Domestic Terrorism

  4. From the Mind of a Witch:  PI Rebecca Marte expects every client to proclaim their innocence, but a witch claiming it by reason of possession?


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