Wednesday, January 12, 2022

My Author Interview

Author Laurel Heidtman extended an offer to interview me and I was flattered to accept. I've copied my answer to her first question below, with a link to the complete interview if you're interested. And even if you're aren't, check out her website; she's a great writer.

Q: Tell us a little about yourself.

A: I’m a psychologist turned author, although perhaps not the kind of psychologist you’re thinking. I’ve worked almost exclusively in a subfield of psychology known as human factors, which addresses, among other issues, questions of how to use technology to improve human learning and memory. To me, this is one of the most exciting areas of research for the future, as we look for that “sweet spot” between man and machine.

I might still be working in the field except for two things. One, I always wanted to be an author; and two, after a while, my company transitions researchers to new business development … with all the travel that entails. Don’t get me wrong; I like to travel. But we had a joke about business travel for the company: “You won’t see a lot of the world, but what you see, you’ll see a lot.” Over the last ten years or so of my first career, I spent the equivalent of several months each in the United Kingdom, Italy, and Singapore. Those are great places to visit, except when all you see, day after day, is the inside of some business’s conference room.

So, when the opportunity to write came along—and to achieve a more balanced travel portfolio—I jumped at the chance. Six books later, I’m still loving it.

See the complete review here

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