Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Mind in Chains is on sale for 99 cents through Oct. 14

I never knew medicine could be so divisive until St. Louis exploded in domestic violence.
After an attempt was made on the life of a medical researcher at my fianc√©’s home, Nicole and I were plunged into a war on US soil that could have no winners. The Crusader’s for Common Sense would impose their sense of morality on medical policy or more would die. Replaced as the lead of the investigation when the violence escalated, rookie FBI agent Rebecca Marte was willing to listen to my thoughts—however bizarre they might seem—until they proved true, and Nicole and I were brought face to face with the killers in a final, deadly gambit. And as it unfolded, I wondered if its cost would be more than I could pay.

“… you will not be able to define the line between reality and speculation in this tale torn from tomorrow’s headlines.”

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