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I write critically acclaimed techno-thrillers and mysteries with my books becoming finalists in the Wishing Shelf Book awards (2017, 2018), the EPIC eBook Awards (2018), and the Montaigne Medal (2019).  I have three BRAG Medallion honorees (Of Half a Mind, Killer in the Retroscape, and Mind in Chains) and a third-place winner in the 2019 Eric Hoffer Book Awards, eBook Fiction category (Killer in the Retroscape).

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  1. Just stumbled on this site, which seems great, so have subscribed. The slightly quizzical authority of the reviews I read (maybe 9,10) def. works for me! Anyway, my new dystopian novel is emerging, blinking, into the light on Feb. 18th (published by UK's Unbound) and I'd be hugely honoured it you'd consider it. The book is here, under my pen name, because I was published in a completely different genre by Orion before. Be amazing if you were interested, certainly not expecting anything much before end of the year, obviously!!! Alice McVeigh/Spaulding Taylor Also:

    1. Thanks. I'll contact you, see what we can do about a review.