Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Works for Kobo eBooks Too

Previously, I asked the question if I could find a single Microsoft Word format for the source manuscript so that it would require the fewest, most straightforward conversion steps to get it into the Nook and Kindle editors, while maintaining the original formatting, table of contents, etc.  Basically, I was wasting too much time tweaking different MS documents (following different Amazon and B&N guidelines) and still producing inconsistent results when they went to the different editing applications.

I came up with a process that worked well with my content for both the Kindle and Nook editors (see Coordinating Nook and Kindle eBook Publishing).   I suspected that the same ePub I created for the Nook editor would also work for Kobo, and today, I verified that it does.  However, it only worked if I created all the content, including the upfront material, in MS Word and the ePub, and avoided any editing in the Kobo editor.

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