Thursday, July 5, 2018

Continue the 4th of July Celebration...

With a few good books at some great prices!

Now through July 11, In the Space of an Atom is only 99 cents.  You save 66%.

Pick up a copy today for 99c:
Or in the UK, only 99p:

Sorry, but you'll need a little patience for the others.

On Amazon Prime Day (Monday, July 16 at 3pm ET through Wednesday, July 18 at 3am ET), all three books from the World's On Fire series by Lincoln Cole will be on sale.  His website promises a savings of over 60%.  And yes, I've enjoyed them all.

Raven’s Peak
See on Amazon:

Raven’s Fall
See on Amazon:

Raven’s Rise
See on Amazon:
My review:


Starting July 27, Whiskey Kills by Lolli Powell is only 99 cents.

When bar owner, Ricki Fontaine’s friend, Ruby Fogarty, is charged with murdering her boyfriend by clubbing him to death with a bottle of whiskey, the police consider the case closed. But Ricki is convinced Ruby is innocent and sets out to find the real murderer. Although Waterton police detective Gabriel Russell is crazy about Ricki, he isn’t too crazy about her trying to do his job.  The killer’s not too happy about it either.

My review:  (spoiler - it cracked me up)
Get your copy on July 27:

(Check all prices before purchasing)

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