Thursday, July 2, 2020

A (Hopefully) Transparent Change in my Newsletter

From those blog subscribers who have been with me since August 2015 to those who’ve joined today, THANK YOU!

As a result of your interest, the email list has grown beyond what my blog can handle. So, starting today, I’m using new email distribution software (SendFox) and returning the blog to being a blog, e.g., shorter tidbits about my work (like this one). Those posts will be included in the newsletter in some cases, summarized in others, or omitted entirely when they seem too focused, e.g., something specifically for other authors. If you want more of the day-to-day, visit here regularly.

Also, you may want to add “” to your Contacts. That should keep the newsletter out of your SPAM folder.

And now that I am posting this, I’m wondering if the blog’s email service has really been shut down, or if this post is about to go out to everyone? Oh well, we can all use a laugh these days.

Happy reading,

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