Tuesday, March 2, 2021

From the Mind of a Witch is Coming Soon

The release of book 4 in the Mind Sleuth Series, From the Mind of a Witch, is looming. It is, perhaps, the cause of all the recent dark and dreary days in St. Louis? (The meteorologists, of course, may have a different opinion.)


When ex-FBI agent Rebecca Marte considered the possible challenges of her new career as a private investigator, she never thought one of them would be to clear a witch, Della Bergeron, charged with killing a man during a coven ritual. But that challenge became a near impossibility when six icons of the St. Louis business community, the rest of the coven, witnessed Bergeron standing over the body, covered in blood, declaring she’d kept her promise to be with him to the end.

The nearly open-and-shut case a took an even more bizarre turn six months after the killing, however, when Bergeron said there were extenuating circumstances. She hadn’t killed willingly. She’d been possessed by another witch.

Now, the means Rebecca knew to get someone to act against their will—threats of violence, emotional blackmail, drug-induced delusion—were less likely culprits in the murder than what laid in the witch’s mind. Thrust into this unfamiliar territory, she sought to involve her friend, Dr. Sam “Doc” Price, both to help her with the case and him with a losing battle to find his kidnapped fiancĂ©.

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