Monday, May 16, 2022

Get Every Book in the Mind Sleuth Series for Less than a Buck

As the reviewer from the Wishing Shelf Book Awards said about A Wrinkle in the Mind, "This is a ´stand alone´ novel but I´d still recommend reading them in order. Why not? You'll have a blast!" 

So, I'll make "having a blast" easy by putting all four previous books on sale, now through May 18.

Book 1, Of Half a Mind, is $0.99.

“Intriguing, compelling story that gave me goosebumps! The characters are likeable, the science is intriguing and the twists unpredictable.”

Pick up a copy HERE

The box set, A Mind Sleuth Triple, is $2.99. It includes books 2, 3, and 4.

Three Award-Winning Books
840 Pages of Twists, Turns, and Suspense

Pick up the box set HERE

And you can still pre-order A Wrinkle in the Mind for $0.99 until May 18. Pre-order your copy HERE

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