Thursday, June 6, 2024

Ripped from Today’s Headlines

When I wrote Mind in Chains in 2019, I didn’t think I would be using this headline to introduce the book in June 2024. Themes generally become stale over time. But the tug of war between science and religion, drawn into focus by the COVID pandemic and abetted by politics and court decisions, makes it as relevant today as it was five years ago. 

And for the month of June, you can enjoy a fictional account of this battle for just 99 cents!


The healthcare-for-all debate in the US erupts in a series of deadly attacks on the medical community, and soon, Doc Price and Nicole Veles find themselves the next intended victims. Doc finds an unlikely ally in FBI Special Agent Rebecca Marte. Together, they try to make sense of the Crusaders’ actions that defy all logic; the terrorists show no fear of identification—or even death. In the end, Doc risks everything he loves in a final, deadly gambit with the Crusaders, only to find that the cost of his ploy may be more than he can pay.

Pick up your 99-cent copy HERE

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