Saturday, April 1, 2023

In About Four Weeks ...

On May 2, to be exact, my next book in the Mind Sleuth Series, The Beating Heart of a Mind, will be released.


Bullied to death in the boardroom … or just the product of a damaged mind?

After her kidnapping, Nicole Veles moves to escape her past and try to rebuild her life. But when the husband of a friend commits suicide and she suspects foul play, she can no longer hide from the world.

Not wanting to let her past taint her new life, she returns to St. Louis to hire PI Rebecca Marte. But as Rebecca begins her investigation, one thing is abundantly clear to the PI:  the chance that anyone bullied the man to his death is much greater in Nicole's mind than anyone else's ... including hers.

Pick up your copy for the special pre-order price of 99 cents until then:

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